Coding Guides

Coding Guides

Medical ICD-10 Coding & Documentation Guidelines: For Optometry

Coding Book has been revised as of 8.8.17 in Alphabetical Order!
$100.00/per booklet + S&H - Order Now

A great quick reference for your office. Keep one in every exam room and most diagnosis codes and procedure codes will be at your finger tips. It also defines most CPT procedure codes and explains how to determine which 99xxx code for office visits to use for each different patient scenario. Defines many of the commonly used modifiers and indicates which procedures Medicare will allow for each diagnosis code.

Answers to the following questions and more will be found in the Medical ICD-10 Coding Booklet & Documentation Guidelines (1 is included in the Medicare Coding Kit):

  • Are fundus photos allowed by Medicare for a glaucoma suspect(365.01)?
  • What is the difference between the 3 levels of visual fields?
  • Which CPT Procedure Code to Use?
  • How to choose the Appropriate Outpatient E/M Code?
  • When do I use a -25 modifier?
  • Are you under coding your office visit?

Medicare Coding Kit with Mailed Booklet and Electronically Sent Files

$200.00/per kit + S&H - Order Now

The Medicare Coding Kit allows you to start billing tomorrow! It includes all the forms needed to accurately submit claims. You will either be emailed the files or sent to a link, to be able to download all the files onto your computer, which will include a print ready version of each form PLUS a version to be personalized using Adobe Acrobat Professional or your local printer.

1 Kit (Files Sent Electronically and Booklet Mailed) includes:
  • Medical ICD-10 Coding & Documentation Guidelines: For Optometry
    Most diagnosis codes used in optometry. Describes most procedure codes and explains when to use them. Explanation of medical modifiers. Also sold separately
  • Examination Form
    Includes clear references to all 14 elements of an eye exam and provides thorough and compliant documentation.
  • Medical History Questionnaire
    Complete health history questionnaire designed to elicit all of the data Medicare and other medical insurance plans demand.
  • Billing Statement
    Superbill with many common diagnosis and procedure codes in an organized presentation for patient billing.
  • Examination: Supplementary Test Form
    Quick and easy way to comply with documentation regulations when performing special tests.
  • Signature on File Form
    Submit patient claims without patient signing each claim form.
  • ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice)
    Documents that certain services will not be covered by Medicare and will be patient's responsibility.
  • Cataract Comanagement Agreement
  • Glaucoma Flow Sheet
  • Medical vs. Routine Intake Form
    Explains to patient the difference between routine and medical eye care.