"A few years ago it was brought to my attention that becoming a provider for Illinois Medicaid could increase my practice revenue substantially. I looked into doing the application and it seemed so daunting I did not attempt it. When I learned that OBC could do it for me, it only took a small fee and a couple of signatures and I was set up. My first full year as a provider, I grossed $58,000 from Illinois Medicaid, and it has continued to increase during my second year. Not a bad return on investment!!"

Sara Kurtis, OD

If anybody is trying to make any changes to their Medicare status; they need to use the billing service (Shirley). I mean just changing a mail to address can stop your Medicare payments for months, if you don’t get it exactly right. The form is about 30 something pages long. Our carrier had two different addresses to mail to. We called and they told us to mail it to an address that wasn’t even listed. Next time we changed something with the billing service everything went with out a hitch. For the nominal fee the billing service charged, you can save practice tons of time and money.

Dr. Lyle Lastinger, OD



OBC is a credentialing and billing agency. It is our goal to help providers get successfully credentialed with Medicare, other insurances, and CAQH (CAQH is a universal provider credentialing database). Our services help you spend more time with patients and less time at a desk. At the same time, you will be increasing your revenue.

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    For supporting documentation we will need the following:
  • Copy of Professional License
  • Copy of Drivers License
  • Copy of Business License (if required by your locality)
  • Copy of DEA License (if you have one)
  • Copy of Tax ID Letter
  • Copy of Professional Diploma if recent graduate (within 5 years)
  • Copy of Passport if born outside the US

Please fax or email the completed client information sheet and supporting documentation to (309)836-2455 or kmeyer@claimdoctor.net. Upon receiving the information our office will contact you.